Apix Performance

Closing the gap between dreams and reality in healthcare.

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Apix Performance helps our clients improve the efficiency, productivity and safety of healthcare. We are passionate about closing the gap between dreams and reality in healthcare.ER

Populations are aging and healthcare budgets are tightening. At the same time expectations are rising, driven by medical advances and continually improving efficiency and service in other industries.

Our vision is a healthcare system that exceeds expectations. We focus on improving patient flow by transforming healthcare processes. We engage clinical teams in process improvement workshops and help them apply tools such as Lean and the Theory of Constraints to improve patient care.

Sustainable change is achieved through cooperation. We engage physicians and allied health professionals, management and administration, therapy providers and patients, helping them work together to achieve their goals.

At Apix Performance we believe that healthcare can be better. We have a proven track record of helping our clients to provide more efficient, higher quality care.