Improving patient access at a movement disorder clinic

The results of a Performance Clinic Program with the Neurology Department at Memorial University have been published in the BMJ Quality Improvement Reports journal, available here…

The clinical team participated in a 2-day Performance Clinic, implemented improvements and presented their initial results to Senior Management at Eastern Health after 3 months. Apix Performance facilitated the process improvement workshop and provided project support. No additional time or resources were provided to the team, who achieved very impressive results…

“Our multi-disciplinary neurology team were dissatisfied with long access times for consultation for new referrals. We participated in a rapid process improvement workshop and a structured improvement process. Over a six-month period we were able to reduce our access time for initial appointment for patients with suspected movement disorders from 133 to 20 days. We implemented a ‘carousel’ multi-disciplinary appointment and a standardised clinic form that improved the flow of patients and that we estimate will save 150 hours of physician time and 320 hours of administrative time per year.”

Dr. Alan Goodridge (Neurologist and Acting Chair of Medicine at Memorial University) describes his experiences.

Congratulations to the entire team for their excellent work improving patient care!