Performance Clinics

Performance Clinics are process improvement workshops for clinical teams that deliver results within 3 months. You can download a brochure about the Performance Clinic Program.

Published Results

The results of the Performance Clinic Program have been published in the BMJ Quality Improvement Reports journal, describing the success achieved by the Neurology Department at Memorial University. The journal article is available here…

Participant Experience

Performance Clinics provide a unique opportunity for problem solving in a team environment that participants highly value. But don’t just take our word for it! Dr. Alan Goodridge (Neurologist and Acting Chair of Medicine at Memorial University) describes his experiences here…

Our Goal

mappingPerformance Clinics increase clinical capacity by improving patient flow. We believe that important work should also be enjoyable work. Our goal is to increase the quality and efficiency of clinical care, while having fun! Our strategy is to achieve buy-in from clinicians by identifying frustrations and finding the underlying issues. We then use process improvement tools to plan and implement practical solutions.

Process Improvement Tools

We have a practical approach and use a variety of process improvement tools, depending on the issues that we are trying to solve. The tools are adapted for healthcare and for the specific needs of clinicians.


Our programs have a simple structure that focuses on developing realistic and practical improvement plans. We support participants to develop their own plans and to implement them as rapidly as possible after the workshop. Every plan is evaluated to ensure that it minimizes implementation effort and maximizes results.

Performance clinics are designed for multi-disciplinary healthcare teams of 3-16 people. Within 2 half-day sessions implementation plans are developed.

Implementation begins immediately with on-line or teleconference support. Key metrics are measured and results are formally presented within 3 months.

Our Experience

Our strength is our blend of in-depth healthcare knowledge and management experience. We have worked with healthcare teams from throughout the UK, Netherlands, Finland, Canada and the US. Over 70 clinical teams have participated in workshops since 2009.