Process improvement

We take a fresh look at the daily routine and provide structured approaches to improve clinical care. This means being flexible about the improvement tools that are used and the way that they are

Our guiding principle is the reduction of treatment time by identifying and eliminating process bottlenecks, or ‘constraints’. Wasted time is frustrating for everyone. Good use of time leads to high quality and efficiency.

We use a variety of process improvement tools that are specifically adapted for healthcare. These include:

  • Cycle Time Reduction:  Eliminating delays and improving patient flow.
  • Theory of Constraints: Methods to identify and speed up bottlenecks resulting in increased capacity and higher quality
  • Lean:  Eliminating activities that don’t add value.
  • Value-stream Mapping: Developing process maps and identifying key activities
  • Change Management: Making realistic and practical improvement plans and ensuring that results are achieved